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Paul Mangham 2nd Dan


Paul Mangham

Year of Birth:


Current Grade:

Nidan (2nd Dan)



Karate History:

I first started training back in 1979 at the relatively new Taunton Shotokan karate Club run by Norman Welch. I went to a beginners session and watched an impressive demonstration on the stage at Trull memorial hall and then I was hooked.

I found the training very hard but stuck at it taking my gradings with Sensei Tomita. In the early eighties the club was very keen on entering competitions and I achieved 3rd place kumite as a Kyu Grade at the South West Championships and also had reasonable success in the Team Kumite. I trained hard during this time going to other clubs and attending courses at Crystal palace and other locations training under Japanese instructors Sensei Enoeda, Tomita and Tabata as well as English instructors Sherry, Poynton, Brennan and O'Niel

I achieved my 1st Dan in June 1983

In August 1983 my greatest achievement was to go to Japan with fellow 1st Dan Andrew Tarrant where we travelled around honshu and kuyshu visiting temples and Castles and of course watching the sun rise at the top of Mount Fuji. We camped in a tent and stayed in Hostels at places like Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo where we trained at the JKA in the foreigners class under Sensei Tanaka

In 1988 I passed my 2nd Dan

In recent years due to injury and family commitment my training has suffered but I still enjoy training when I can at a club which I believe has a very high standard and has produced some fine Black belts under the excellent instruction of its founder.


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