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Steve Clark 2nd Dan


Steve Clark

Year of Birth:


Current Grade:

Nidan (2nd Dan)



Karate History:

I started training in 1995 at Taunton Shotokan Karate Club under Dominic Jones; and then under Norman Welch when Dominic left.

I was introduced to karate by a friend, when he asked if I would like to go to a karate club, I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but after that first session I was hooked!

All my Kyu gradings were taken with Sensei Ohta.

I passed my 1st Dan in 1997 and 2nd Dan in 2000, both of which were taken at Crystal Palace under Sensei Enoeda.

I have trained on many special courses with various top instructors including, Enoeda, K Funakoshi, Tabata, Osaka, Sherry, Poynton, O'Neil, Rhodes, Higgins and Brennan. I have tried to go on as many courses as possible to increase my knowledge of karate. I have found the multiple day courses very beneficial, (Crystal Palace and Torbay Leisure Centre).

I have represented the club in competitions, in the South West and National Championships in both Kumite (fighting) and Kata (forms). I encourage all other members to take part as it is a good experience.

One memorable time was when some of the club and myself took part in a Karate demonstration at a fete. This consisted of a warm up, basics, Kata and pre-arranged sparring. Afterwards, some of the people watching asked us if we got injured during the sparring, because they thought we were really hitting each other hard. This was not the case, we were using good control and were acting as if we were getting hit.

Since I started training at Taunton Shotokan Karate Club I have met many people from all walks of life and made some good friends. Our club has good social activities including trips away skiing, surfing and general socialising.

One of the reasons I have enjoyed Karate is because there are continually ways to improve. Also in any athletic sport, I have always tried to push myself to my limits and this is what I think is required in Karate.

For the future I hope to continue my own training in karate, also to pass on my knowledge to other karateka at the Taunton Club to further spread the martial art Shotokan Karate.

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